Christian Muslim Encounters

Christian Muslim Encounters was originally conceived after I delivered a workshop on “the scriptural basis for engagement” at the Northern Leaders Residential Training organised by Christian Muslim Forum. I identified that there is a need for structured learning programmes which brings communities together for dialogue, creates a better understanding of each other and explores how communities can co-exist.

Christian Muslim Encounters was launched by Bishop Julian Henderson and Maulana Ismaeel Nakhuda on 10th March 2014, which discussed “why do we need dialogue?” There is a need to create opportunities to discuss this as it lays the foundation to encourage communities to engage in dialogue.

In May 2014 we organised a research symposium which brought together academics, faith leaders and interfaith activists from across the country, with a key note lectures by Hugh Goddard and Fuad Nahdi, a panel discussion and workshops on:
• Educating Communities for dialogue
• Faith & Gender
• Scriptural reasoning
• Islamophobia
• Anti-Minority protest groups
• TV/Film and the perceptions of religion

Prof Hugh Goddard as the key note speaker:

Dr Fuad Nahdi delivered a key note address:

A Panel Discussion: Elephant in the Room:

Rev’d Nadim Nasser delivered a workshop on “Educating communities for dialogue”:

In June 2014 we hosted Dr John Morrow who spoke about “the covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the world” as part of a European tour organised by Radical Middle Way:

During Interfaith week 2014 we organised “The Jesus Conference” to discuss Jesus in Islam and Christianity, unfortunately this event was not filmed. The morning comprised of lectures by Ahmad Thomson and Sarah Snyder, in the afternoon we had workshops on:
• Jesus, Muhammad & Gender
• Media & Dialogue
• Jesus in the Classroom
• Politics of Positive Peace of Jesus


we hope to continue creating safe spaces for dialogue, pushing boundaries and empowering communities to build bridges.


If you would like to work in partnership with us please contact Ali Amla on or 07872835318


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